Isaiah Berlin and the supreme omelette | Abraham Accords, Trump and China's Belt and Road Initiative

Isaiah Berlin's pearls of wisdom should not go unheeded and the underreported implications of the Abraham Accords.

What Isaiah Berlin can teach Israel’s political leadership

Isaiah Berlin, a Latvian-born British social and political theorist, was one of the foremost thinkers of the modern era and a leading proponent of liberal thought.

Many of Berlin’s essays discuss liberty and the uneasy relationship between the individual and the State. While it has been nearly 24 years since Berlin’s death, his thoughts carry great weight and can be applied to current events, especially now that Covid authoritarianism is on the rise among liberal democracies.

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Abraham Accords, Trump and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Abraham Accords is widely seen solely through the prism of the Arab-Israeli conflict with once hostile sides coming together to herald a new peaceful era for the region. While the peace agreement between Israel and the two Gulf nations, UAE and Bahrain, is a major step towards wider normalization between Israel and the Arab world, and a show of strength against Iranian expansionism and aggression, it can also be seen as a strategic masterstroke by the Trump administration to counter China’s aspirations to exert Beijing’s power in the Middle East and beyond.

Indeed, with Abraham Accords, when zoomed out of the Arab-Israeli conflict, a different picture emerges.

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